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Essential Financial Investment Resources Essential Financial Investment Resources Essential Financial Investment Resources: A to Z of Management Services

Buying U.S. Savings Bonds
Official Savings Bonds site of the United States government. Current rates, forms, calculators and information for financial institutions.

Canada Savings Bonds
Official Savings Bonds site of the Canadian government. Current rates, forms, calculators and information for financial institutions.

Merdeka Savings Bonds
Information about Savings Bonds offered to citizens of Malaysia by its Central Bank.

MMR Software
PC software for tracking U.S. Savings Bonds. Also provides statements of value based on lists of holdings faxed or mailed to them.

Savings Bond Seminar Planner
Provides US Savings Bonds Financial Planning seminars for Financial Professionals

Independent tips on avoiding hidden penalties and getting the best interest rate and investment return with US Savings Bonds.

Savings-Bonds-Alert Blog
Answers to US Savings Bond questions asked by readers of the Savings Bonds Alert web site, as well as news items and commentary about Savings Bonds.

Savings-Bonds-Alert Blog
Answers to US Savings Bond questions asked by readers of the Savings Bonds Alert web site and related matters. Inc.
Information regarding US Savings Bonds including current interest rates. Bond valuation service providing monthly email statements for your bonds.

Security Marketing Group of Illinois
Supplies businesses with employee savings plans based on US Savings Bonds. Campaign management and counseling teach employees the benefits of a disciplined savings approach.

The Freedom Girls
Home of a volunteer effort to market US Savings Bonds.

Treasury Direct
Open an account with the U.S. Treasury to buy Savings Bonds online. Funds transfer from and to your specified bank account.

U.S. Savings Bond Tracker
Subscription-based online system for organizing portfolios of US Savings Bonds and calculating each bond's value, current interest rate, and lifetime yield.

U.S. Savings Bonds Online
Federal government site with program rules, interest rates, maturity dates, and other information related to savings bonds. Includes links to government web resources on U.S. Treasury Bonds and related topics.

16 Basic Principles of Investing
Offers practical investing overview, links to other investing overview sites.

A to Z Investments
200+ page online book about investing. Investing for Beginners
Offers advice and links for beginning investors.

Free research, easy to understand definitions, links to top mutual fund companies.
News, market data, portfolios, mutual funds, personal finance, and discussions. Online Brokers
Reviews, analyzes and ranks online brokers.

Discount Broker Reviews
Comparative lists of online discount brokerages and their rates and features. Includes personal experiences. Customer comments accepted.

How to Avoid Internet Investment Scams
Securities and Exchange Commission information about investment fraud.

Income Profiles
Investment advice for those interested in more conservate investments, including real estate and bonds.

Investing Tax Free
Series of articles for beginning investors with emphasis on tax-free investments

Delivers investment advisory services. Investors can enter a ticker symbol and generate a list of advisor recommendations and model portfolios. Registration required, but is free.

Investor Education Fund
Tips for individual investors in six languages from the Ontario Securities Commission - risks, scams, fees, tools, investment strategies. Includes videos.

Free comprehensive guide to investing and personal finance.
Learn about investing in stocks and commodities. Investing
Articles on getting started in investing.

MSN MoneyCentral
Quotes, stock research, portfolio tracking, news, and online bill payment. Keep informed and plan for retirement, college, taxes, insurance, real estate, and savings.

Mutual Fund Education Alliance
Features pricing and performance information on thousands of mutual funds plus news and educational information about fund investing.

Online Investing: The Wall Street Journal
Collection of articles offering information and advice on online investing. Based on the book Online Investing, written by the editors and reporters of the Wall Street Journal, online version.

Online Investor Complaint Center
Resource guide for online investors with complaints against an online broker.

Stock and Investment Guide For Beginning Investors
Information for beginning investors including investing terms, an introduction to the stock market and buying stocks, and DRPs.

Stocks Quest
Stock market game teaches the basics of investment through a market simulation, investing basics, lessons, and real life examples.

Yahoo!: Beginning Investing
Articles give an overview of investing as well as specific types of investments.

59 Wall Street Funds
Several U.S. and international funds managed by the private bank Brown Brothers Harriman.

AARP Investment Program
A special share class of mutual funds managed by Zurich Scudder Investments for members of the American Association of Retired Persons.

Global fund company with asian, european, growth, value, real estate, fixed income and money market funds.

Accessor Funds
No-load funds specializing in allocation funds.

Activa Mutual Funds
Offers three equity funds and one bond fund managed by different management companies.

AIM Family of Funds
Offers a large selection of funds in the major categories with three different share classes.

Primarily growth funds and a money market option.

Alliance Capital
Provides a wide selection of municipal bond funds and US and global equity and bond funds.

Alpha Analytics Mutual Funds
Information on funds.

Amana Mutual Funds Trust
Invests its growth and income funds according to Islamic principles.

American AAdvantage Funds
Multi-manager family of funds offering a balance of fund types.

American Century
Money market, bond, balanced, sector and equity funds.

American Express Financial Direct,1641,15255,00.asp?
Over 200 mutual funds, money market funds, fixed and variable annuities.

American Funds
A family of funds covering investment mixes from money market to aggressive growth.

Amerindo Funds
Offers a biotechnology, internet and technology fund.

AmSouth Mutual Funds
Offers several fixed-income, including Florida tax exempt, funds and a range of equity funds.

Aquila Funds
Specializes in tax-free single state income funds for states with high tax rates.

Armada Funds
Offers 23 mutual funds and 4 different load structures.

Artisan Funds
No-load mutual funds.

AXA Rosenberg Funds
Provides small cap, Japanese, and market neutral funds.

Badgley Funds
Offers the Badgley Balanced Fund and Badgley Growth Fund.
Baron Funds
Provides no-load mutual funds that invest in small and medium-sized growth companies.

Bishop Street Funds
Load funds managed by Bishop Street Capital Management.

BlackRock Funds
Offers a wide range of funds to individuals and institutions.

Burgundy Asset
Provides a variety of value funds to institutions and high net worth individuals.

Burnham Funds
Provides money market, financial services sector, long-term growth, and Dow 30 focused funds.

California Investment Trust
Fund group offers a handful of index funds and bond funds with a focus on California investors.

Calvert Group
Provides mutual funds that invest in socially and environmentally responsible companies.

Century Mutual Funds
Offers two financial services industry specific mutual funds, Century Shares Trust and Century Small Cap Select. This site has information on the first of those.

CGM Funds
Family of 4 mutal funds. Most notably the home of the CGM Realty Fund that invests in real estate securities, including shares of Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs).

Charles Schwab
Offers a family of stock, bond, and money market funds as well as funds of funds.

Chesapeake Funds
Specializes in equity growth funds.

Citizens Funds
Seven funds that keep in mind social and environmental issues when investing in companies.

Clear Investment Funds
Offers one Large-Cap Index fund and one mid-cap index fund.

Columbia Funds
Older fund company with over 30 funds to choose from based on investing style.

Conseco Funds
Insurance company offers growth and income funds with low minimums.

Countrywide Investments
Provides a family of mutual funds as well as private portfolio management.

CSI Funds
Boutique fund complex that offers a blue-chip, large-cap fund and a fixed income fund.

Delaware Funds
With over 68 years of investment management experience and over 60 mutual funds.

Domini Social Investments
Small family of mutual funds. Utilizes screening, shareholder activism, and community investing. United States.

Provides an extensive range of money market, bond, value, and growth funds.

Dupree Mutual Funds
Specializes in single state no-load municipal bond funds, including Kentucky, North Carolina, and Tennessee offerings.

Enterprise Funds
Provides money market, incoming, hybrid, growth, aggressive growth, and sector funds.

Federated Investors Funds
Offers an extensive selection of domestic and international income and equity funds.

Fidelity Mutual Funds
One of the largest mutual fund companies. Offers a large assortment of mutual funds in many different categories.

Fiduciary Trust Investment Funds
A family of mutual funds including growth and income, growth, international equity, small capitalization funds as well as both taxable and tax-exempt bond funds.

First American Funds
Create a personalized, diversified portfolio via our 38 mutual funds.

First Eagle Funds
Unique fund company offers a non-diversified domestic fund and a non-diversified international fund.

First Focus Funds
Offers a variety of funds for retail and institutional investors.

First Funds
A selection of money market, Tennessee tax free bond, fixed income, and equity funds from First Tennessee.

First Investors
First Investors mutual funds and other products.

Firsthand Funds
Six science and technology funds based in California's Silicon Valley.

Forester Funds
Offers two funds focusing on value and managed by Forester Capital Management.

Founders Funds
Offers 10 no-load funds ranging from aggressive small cap and international funds to balanced and income funds.

FPC - Hawaii Municipal Bond Funds
First Pacific Capital specializes in tax-free investing with their two Hawaii municipal bond funds.

Franklin Templeton
Offers over 110 mutual funds covering most fund types. Includes some basic financial education.

Fremont Funds
Offers eleven funds ranging including money market, California tax-free bond, real estate, micro, small cap and general equity, and international funds.

Gabelli Funds, Inc.
Offers a variety of value, growth and specialized equity funds, as well as fixed-income and closed-end convertible and equity funds.

GE Mutual Funds
Devoted to providing financial solutions to consumers seeking to accumulate, preserve, and protect wealth over their lifetimes.

Global Asset Management (USA)
Provides an extensive range of US and international bond, equity and hedge funds. Registration required.

Goldman Sachs Asset Management
Offers an array of money market, fixed income, asset allocation, and international and domestic equity funds.

Green Century Funds
Two no-load funds founded by respected non-profit environmental organizations.
Harris Insight
Provides taxable and tax exempty money market and bond funds and a range of equity funds with a value orientation.

Hennessey Funds
Offers funds from very conservative to aggressive in style.

Hennessy Funds
Provides two funds based on the Dogs of the Dow strategy.

HighMark Funds
Offers a range of mutual funds, from conservative money market funds to more aggressive growth funds.

Huntington Funds
Offers equity, fixed-income, and money market mutual funds.

ICON Funds
Offers a wide variety of sector and regional funds.

IDEX Funds
Contracts with outside money managers to manage its 32 funds.

ING Pilgrim Funds
Variety of fixed income and equity funds plus a fund developed specifically for seniors.

Institutional Capital Corporation Funds
Institutional money manager specializing in large-cap value equities offers four mutual funds.

Integrity Mutual Funds
Specializes in municipal bond funds and also offers an equity fund of funds.

Invesco Mutual Funds
Provides a selection of money market, bond, domestic and international equity, and sector funds.

Ivy Funds
Offers nine aggressive international funds, three aggressive domestic funds and one bond fund.

Jamestown Funds
Relatively small fund family offers a balanced fund, an international fund, a domestic fund and a tax exempt (Virginia) fund.

Janus Funds
Specializes in equity growth funds with several concentrated offerings.

John Hancock Funds
Provides a large selection of domestic and international income and equity funds to individuals and institutions.

JohnsonFamily Funds
Concentrates on value investing, offering a large cap, a small cap and an international value fund.

JPMorgan Funds
Offers a number of domestic and international funds.

Juilus Baer Investment Funds
Company specializes in worldwide investing and offers three funds for U.S. investors.

Jundt Funds
Six funds typically holding 30 to 50 growth companies that they believe have the technology to propel them through the ups and downs of the market.

Kemper Funds
Provides a wide range of funds in all investment styles.

Kinetics Mutual Funds
Internet and aggressive growth funds.

King Investment Advisors
Mid- and small-cap mutual funds available to individual investors.

Lazard Funds
Offers a range of domestic and international bond and equity funds focusing on value.

Legg Mason Mutual Funds
Specializes in value based equity and income funds.

Liberty Funds
Many funds with different objectives using 6 different money management companies for advice.

Loomis Sayles & Company L.P.
Provides a family of funds, primarily value based but also including bond funds and an aggressive growth offering.

Lord, Abbett & Co.
Provides more than 30 funds covering several bond and equity investment styles.

Mackenzie Financial Corporation
Offers a large selection of bond and equity funds to US and Canadian investors.

MainStay Funds
Offers taxable and tax exempt income, value, and growth equity funds.

Mairs and Power Funds
The Mairs and Power Growth Fund and the Mairs and Power Balanced Fund.

Marketocracy Funds Family
Two mutual funds. One managed by the site users, the other focusing on technology funds.

Marshall Funds
Provides money market, income, and a range of equity funds.

Marsico Funds
Offers a focus fund and a growth and income fund.

Masters' Select Mutual Funds
Uses Litman/Gregory's due diligence skills to assemble portfolio managers within a single mutual fund.

Mercury Funds
Features many funds in many categories and is a big promoter of the 529 college savings plan.

Merriman Funds
Five no-load funds that invests in other mutual funds using market timing strategies to lower risk.

Metzler-Payden, LLC
Manages mutual fund and separate account assets for US and European investors with special focus on European equity and global fixed-income strategies.

MFS Mutual Funds
A family of over fifty funds covering all areas of the investment spectrum.

Monetta Funds
Seven no-load mutual funds focusing on growth using fundamental analysis to make trading decisions.

Montgomery Funds
Specializes in growth-oriented equity funds and also provides bond funds, including California tax free funds.

Munder Funds
Provides a range of income, domestic, and international equity funds as well as index and passive funds.

Neuberger Berman Mutual Funds
Offers a family of no-load income and equity funds.

Nicholas-Applegate Capital Management
Provides a selection of fixed income, domestic, and international equity funds to institutional investors.

North Track Funds
Offers a tax exempt bond, equity index, and equity funds along with financial, technology and healthcare sector funds.

Northern Funds
A variety of money market, growth and income funds managed by Northern Trust.

Numeric Investors L.P.
A small family of value and growth funds using quantitative investment principles.

Nuveen Funds
Offers a variety of equity and income funds with a large number of municipal bond funds.

Oak Associates Funds
Offers five funds focused on a long-term growth time horizon. Managed by Oak Associates, Ltd.

Oakmark Funds
Provides domestic and international equity funds.

One Group Funds
Provides a selection of municipal bond, general income, and equity funds.

OppenheimerFunds, Inc.
Offers municipal bond; taxable bond; balanced; value, growth and global equity; and real asset funds.

Papp and Associates
Provides long term growth, focus, and international funds.

Parnassus Investments
Offers two funds with a contrarian socially responsible style.

PAX World Family
Family of three funds that invest in socially responsible companies.

Payden and Rygel
Offers a variety of bond funds in addition to domestic, European, and global equity funds.

PBHG Funds
Offers a variety of value, growth, and sector equity funds.

Pearl Mutual Funds
Offers a total return fund and an aggressive growth fund investing primarily in other mutual funds.

Pimco Funds
Provides several taxable and tax exempt bond; value, growth, blended, index, and sector equity; and balanced funds.

Pioneer Funds
Provides a selection of funds for conservative, moderate, and aggressive investors.

Preferred Group
Offering eight funds with different investment objectives and strategies.

Principal Mutual Funds
A family of growth, income, and international funds with four share classes.

Provident Institutional Funds
Institutional money market funds.

Prudent Bear Funds
No-load, actively-managed short mutual funds for declining stock market and declining dollar and rising gold prices.

Putnam Investments
Provides a wide range of bond, equity, and asset allocation funds.

Quaker Family of Funds
Offers value funds in different capitalizations, core equity, aggressive growth, and fixed income funds.

Quantitative Group of Funds
A small family of equity funds with a quantitative investment style.

Rainier Funds
Five no-load funds named after the mountain.
Regions Funds
Funds offered by Regions Bank.

Reserve Funds
Originators of the first money market fund. Focuses on secure investments.

Robertson Stephens Funds
Offers contrarian value as well as growth and aggressive growth funds.

Rockland Funds
Small cap fund uses fundamental analysis to pick stock holdings.

Royce Funds
Specializes in micro and small cap funds with both concentrated and diversified offerings.

Rydex Series Trust
Index and sector funds designed to match a specific benchmark with no trading costs. Built-in leverage available.

SAFECO Mutual Funds
Offers money market, taxable and tax exempt bond, and a variety of equity funds.

Scudder Investments
Provides a wide variety of money market, bond, and domestic and global equity funds.

Security Benefit Group
Offers funds in a range of risk/return categories with three share classes.

Selected Funds
Provides US Treasury, small-cap growth, and growth and income funds.

Seligman Group of Funds
Offers a range of mutual funds from money market to aggressive growth. Also offers a selection of offshore and closed-end funds.

Shay Assets Management
Chicago-based Shay Assets is the adviser to the Asset Management Fund (AMF) family of no-load mutual funds and the M.S.B. Fund.

Sit Mutual Funds
Offers several funds ranging from money market to development market offerings.

Smith Breeden Associates
Offers two bond funds and an enhanced equity index fund.

STAAR System Trust
A family of two bond funds and four funds-of-funds covering large, small, international and alternative equities.

State Street Research Mutual Funds
Offers a selection of incoming, growth and income, and growth funds.

STI Classic Funds
Managed by Trusco Capital Management, this fund family includes more than 38 stock and bond funds.

Strong Funds
Offers a wide array of equity, bond, and asset allocation funds.

T. Rowe Price,,pgid=mut5173&lang=ENG,00.html
Provides domestic and international equity funds as well as taxable, tax-free, and international bond funds.

Tamarack Funds
Funds aimed at primarly small and mid-cap investing.

The Bramwell Funds
Offers two growth funds, one general and one concentrated.

The Guardian Park Avenue Portfolio Family of Mutual Funds
Family of 10 mutual funds that are distributed by Guardian Investor Services Corporation.

The Unified Funds
Offers a selection of index funds as well as an internet fund.

Thornburg Funds
Offers income, both taxable and tax exempt, and domestic and global value funds.

Thrivent AAL Funds
Funds offered by a fraternal benefit society of Lutherans joined together for insurance, investment, educational and volunteer opportunities.

Thurlow Funds
Prospectus, holdings, and other investor information for The Thurlow Growth Fund, investing in primarily US growth equities.

Provides six stable value, income, and equity no load funds.

Touchstone Funds
A family of eight funds including money market, fixed income, value, and emerging growth offerings.

Turner Investment Partners, Inc.
Provides eleven no-load income and growth equity funds. Equity offerings range from micro-cap to large-cap and include sector and focused offerings.

UMB Scout Funds
Provides income funds, including a Kansas tax-exempt fund, as well as domestic and global equity funds.

Undiscovered Managers Funds
Six funds managed by money managers who normally service high net worth clients.

US Global Investors
A mutual fund company; provider of financial services; investment management; gold; precious metals and retirement.

Value Line Publishing, Inc.
Offers a range of money market, taxable and tax exempt bond, convertible securities, and domestic and international equity funds.

Van Eck Global
Specializes in global funds including bonds, equities, hard assests, and real estate.

Van Kampen American Capital
Offers range of fixed income, blended, and value, growth, and international equity funds.

Van Wagoner Capital Management
Provides five aggressive growth equity funds.

Vanguard Group
Known for the lowest fund operating expenses in the industry.

Victory Funds
Offers a variety of funds, but mostly equity and specialty funds.

Vintage Funds
A family of no-load mutual funds including money market, fixed-income and equity funds.

Vontobel Funds
Provides six fixed income and equity funds investing in US and international securities.

Waddell and Reed
Offers a range of fixed income, balanced, and growth funds including domestic and international securities.

Wanger Advisors Trust

Wasatch Funds
Offers a US Treasury fund and five equity funds including micro-cap growth and value funds.

Wells Fargo Funds
With 67 funds, this bank covers a wide variety of mutual funds.

Westcore Funds
Offers twelve no load fixed income and growth funds.

William Blair Mutual Funds
Offers a family of 10 income and equity funds with four share classes.

Wright Investors
Offers several domestic equity and country specific funds. Also offers the Catholic Values Investment Trust which avoids companies which violate Catholic principles.

Yacktman Funds
Provides two no load funds, one diversified and one focused, aimed at providing a blend of growth and value investing.


Analyst Forum
Online community designed for Chartered Financial Analysts and CFA candidates.

Association for Investment Management and Research
A global, nonprofit organization of investment professionals from over 80 countries worldwide.

Association for Investment Management and Research (AIMR)
Nonprofit organization of professionals from over 90 countries.

Association of Financial Guaranty Insurors
AFGI members insure and reinsure municipal bonds and asset-backed securities.

Emerging Markets Trade Association
Formerly the LDC Debt Traders Association, EMTA co-ordinates the formalization of market practices, documentation and infrastructure.

European Financial Market Lawyers Group
Promotes harmonisation of European financial market activities. Site has a legal review of the short-term securities, and a list of EFMLG members.

Fédération Européenne des Fonds et Sociétés d'Investissement
European Federation of Funds and Investment Companies, known by its French acronym FEFSI. Site has links and statistics.

International Association of Financial Engineers (IAFE)
Promotes financial engineering through conferences, publications, and activities of regional chapters around the world.

International Compliance Association
Supports and educates compliance professionals in the fight against terrorist financing, corruption, money laundering and financial crime.

International Development Enterprise Associates (IDEA)
Information about IDEA, the Seminar on Investment Projects, related links and events, the IDEA Associates, a directory of development banks, and a directory of development bank trainers.

International Federation of Stock Exchanges
The trade organization for regulated securities and derivative markets, settlement institutions and related clearing houses, and their diverse services to capital markets.

International Primary Market Association
Trade association for the leading investment banks in their capacity as underwriters and managers of international issues. Currently only with contact details.

International Securities Lenders Association
ISLA is the trade association for Securities Lenders. It was setup in 1989 and now has around 50 members, mostly, but not exclusively, based in the UK.

International Securities Market Association (ISMA)
Self-regulatory organization and trade association for the international securities market.

International Securities Services Association (ISSA)
Promotes the securities industry. Publications, conferences, recommendations, and news.

International Swap Dealers Association
Global trade association for OTC derivatives, and maintainers of the industry-standard ISDA documentation.

Investment Management Association
Representative body for unit trust and investment fund managers in the UK.

Investors' Association
Information about investing, particularly from a UK and regulatory perspective.

The Alliance in Support of Independent Research
A group of broker-dealers who furnish independent research and other services to investment managers. Alliance publications promote the observance of proper standards under securities law for disseminating research.

World Association of Trainers in Development (WATD)
Information about WATD, the Seminar for Trainers in Development, related links and events, the board of directors, the directory of trainers in development, membership information, and the annual meeting.

AARP - Money and Work
Discussion of money matters in considerable depth, especially those related to people who have retired or are planning to in the near future. Financial Planning
Information on personal financial planning, including budgeting, savings, investing, retirement, insurance, and taxes.
An online publication that provides consumers with financial data, research and editorial information on non-investment financial products.

BusinessWeek Online: Personal Investing
Stories, statistics and tutorials about topics of financial interest.

CBS.MarketWatch: Personal Finance
Tips and stories for managing your personal finances. Personal Finance
Articles on investing, retirement, insurance, loans and taxes.

Combines practical personal finance advice, calculators and investing tips with business news, stock quotes, and financial market coverage from the editors of CNN and Money Magazine.
Analyzes, ranks and recommends which personal finance products are the best.

Discover Learning, Inc.
Provides personal finance education books, workshops, and e-learning services.

Epinions: Finance
Consumer-generated reviews, buying tips and advice, ratings, price information, and searchable in a variety of ways from price to product type.

Federal Reserve Board: Consumer Information
Centralized home for articles giving advice and warnings about financial topics, products, and scams.

Financial Literacy 2001
Campaign helping teachers improve the personal finance knowledge of high school students.

Financial Websites
Consumer-generated reviews, buying tips and advice, ratings, price information, and searchable in a variety of ways from price to product type. - Personal Finance
Financial information previously published in the print version of Forbes.

Fundamentals of Financial Planning
Provided by FSU to educate consumers in the fundamentals of financial planning.

GE Center For Financial Learning
Comprehensive source for personal finance information and education.

H&R Block - Planning and Learning
Sections include Tax 101, life events and stages, budgets and saving, college, retirement, and calculators and tools.

I Hate Financial Planning
Offers advice on a wide variety of topics in clear language; reviews financial products, and provides a directory of local resources.

Inflation Calculator
Adjusts a given amount of money for inflation, according to the Consumer Price Index.

Institute of Consumer Financial Education
Offers financial education for all age groups with a special section devoted to teaching children about money.

International Foundation for Retirement Education (InFRE)
A not-for-profit educational foundation dedicated to empowering working Americans with the motivation and capability to save and plan for a successful retirement.

International Money Transfer Consumer Guide
Includes information about remittance methods and services to send money overseas.

Is Your Financial Security at Risk?
Provides information and a guide to developing a plan for managing financial risks.

Kiplinger Online
Investing, personal finance, calculators and financial advice.

Money Matters
Articles on the psychological aspect of handling money, fears of managing money, prosperity consciousness. Takes a look at money myths, and offers some exercises to surpass financial limitations.
Offers personal financial topics geared towards women.
Resource for women to learn about financial planning, personal finance and investing.

MyPrimeTime Money
Offers stock market tips, investment guidance, retirement planning resources, tools and calculators.
Free financial planning information, articles and recommended books.

Personal Budgeting and Money Saving Tips
Planning a household and family budget with worksheets and tips on saving money.
Information about all types of personal finance, including banking, investing, small business, retirement, and tax help.

Report Center
Sells reports related to managing one's personal finances.

The Financial Pipeline
Information for the individual investor, including stocks, bonds, mutual funds, retirement planning, real estate, investment strategy, and general financial knowledge.

The JumpStart Coalition for Personal Financial Literacy
Purpose is to evaluate the financial literacy of young adults; develop, disseminate, and encourage the use of guidelines for grades K-12; and promote the teaching of personal finance.

The Motley Fool
Investing information and an enjoyably useful site. Updated hourly.

The New York Times - Your Money
Articles and featuers on investing, pensions and retirement plans, mortgage rates, mutual funds, the stock market, bonds and notes. Also has company research, earnings reports and market insight.

The Salary Calculator
Compare the cost of living in hundreds of U.S. and international cities.

Tool Menu
Links to various kinds of useful financial calculators.

Wachovia Planning Guides,,505,00.html
Educational material on retirement planning, financial issues for women, college planning, home buying and relocation planning, investing basics, money management basics, and tax planning.

Women, Men and Money
Ruth Hayden teaches money management principles to women and couples.

Yahoo! Finance
Personal finance, investing tips and news.

Your Money Page
Online calculators for financial planning and personal finance.

A.B. Korelin & Associates
Offers consulting services companies who wish to be listed on United States stock exchanges.

Acadia Advisors
Specializes in corporate valuation, and provides analytical software to institutional investors to compare and contrast securities.

Gives investment advisors the power to outsource and customize key advisor functions.

AdvisorTech Corp.
Provider of internet technologies and brokerage services to financial intermediaries.
Provides financial tools and services to professional investors.

Alexander Capital Markets, LLC
Offers custom structured financing services for corporate clients and manages HedgeLoan financing exclusively for The HedgeLender Partnership.

Altin AG
Provides private and institutional investors with access to a diversified portfolio of hedge funds or similar alternative investments with daily liquidity.

Amazon Investment Group
Independent investment firm that gives investment recommendations.

Armstrong Pacific Co., Inc.
Provides services such as equity investment, business advisory, enterprise incubation, and project management.

Arnerich Massena & Associates, Inc.
Investment consulting firm assists institutional and private clients.

Asset Management Consulting AG
Swiss portfolio and asset managers based in Zurich.

Atlantica Associates
Provides research support for global investment strategies, focusing on exchange rate related gains and risks.

Austderiv Pty Ltd
Offers services to investors seeking portfolio management in the Australian stock market.

Avatar Associates
Portfolio evaluation and profitability acceleration, specializing in energy and technology markets.

Babson-United, Inc.
Offers newsletters, SRC stock charts, and investment advisor services.

Barra, Inc.
Provides analytical models, consulting and money management services.

Bay Harbor Partners
Secondary market services for investors in private equity partnership interests.

BD Advantage, Inc.
Provides a B2B marketplace for broker dealers to share ideas and technologies, cross sell their products and services, and advertise directly to one another.

Bear Stearns Global Clearing
Focuses on the strategic and operational needs of the financial services professional.

Bridport Investor Services
Offers independent, personalized and conflict-free advice to institutional investors on all fixed income markets.

C. E. Unterberg
Offers investment services for high growth technology companies in the US.

Canada US Investment
Offers business advisory services, including feasibility of investing, starting a business, joint venture, franchise in Canada and USA, business plan development

Charteris Treasury Portfolio Managers
UK-based asset managers specialising in discretionary portfolio management

Chesterman Consultants
A Hong Kong based financial services company which specialises in creative financial strategies for corporate and high net worth individual clients

Cincinnati Capital Homepage
Provides corporate finance, private equity, mergers and acquisitions, turnaround workouts and financial advisory services.

Redoute's Popular Rosarium
Theatre - Noel - Bicycles - Network Security - Cheshire Cat

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Close Brothers Investment Limited
Services include origination, sponsorship, management and marketing of both tax based and property based personal investment products.

Close Brothers Ltd Treasury Services
Provides money market deposit services for companies and individuals. Instant access call accounts, notice accounts, foreign exchange, and good investment advice.

Provides fund management and investment advice for nonprofit institutions.

Commonwealth Church Finance
Serving churches and non-profit organizations with capital funding needs.

Cramer Rosenthal McGlynn
Offers investment and asset management services to wealthy families and institutions
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